Still Working to Make Things Right

It has been a long journey as I try to get back up and running, and I feel like I still have many miles to go. I am still trying to fight through some sort of a virus that is happening on this site. I thought I could just make a backup and then start fresh, but that didn’t work. I brought all of the junk over with the fresh start it seems. I have now handed money over to some faceless internet group in the hopes that they can make things better, but I am not sure that will work. I made some stupid decisions and ended up costing myself more money than I should have and on top of that I have all sorts of messed up links happening because of the switch.

Let me say that I am working on that, and hope to get them all fixed soon, but until I do if you just use the drop down menu you can get where you are going. I know that doesn’t really work on mobile and I am sorry. As soon as I know that I am out of the woods as far as malware and site redirects I will get things working again.

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