Tonight was the first night of our “storying” series. We are working through the stories from MICHAEL NOVELLI over on It was a hard beginning. I knew that we were going to need to be more focused than usual, so I was working that way, but the students were anything but. They were very distracted and I almost scraped the whole process.

But instead I moved towards the story, and it was like they whole group changed. They were asking questions, talking about the story and just generally engaged in the discussion. It was wild.

Everything wasn’t perfect. I ran out of time (something that I think I am going to struggle with during this series) and I couldn’t keep from being “teacher” sometimes, but it was good. I guess my greatest struggle was just shutting up and letting the students find the answers. I wanted to share my thoughts and answer their questions. I wanted to be the “expert”, but a big part of this for me and for them is learning what God shows them through His story.

Anyway, it was a pretty cool first week.

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