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At church tomorrow we are talking about how the choices that you make today are writing the story of your life. When you start telling your children about your life you will be telling them things that happened based on the choices that you are making right now. Not only that some of the choices that you make right now will radically change what direction your life will take tomorrow. As an activity I want my students to write down what they would like the story of their life to look like.

I have been sitting her thinking and my life is pretty close to the story I would have written. Well, maybe not the story I would have written in high school, but the story that I would have written in college maybe. They are a few things that are different. I had no idea that 33 would still feel so young so I had planned on being much farther along my whole “life plan” by now, and we are still in the states and not off on missions somewhere, but other than that I am pretty much living my dreams.

1) I am getting paid to teach people about Jesus

2) I am getting paid (at least in a limited basis) for some of the things that I create (or should I say the things that God creates through me so that Inquiring Minds won’t get on to me again).

3) I have a beautiful wife and an amazing son. (OK, in the grand scheme of life this is the top cool thing for me, but at 19 this was less important to me than being a published author)

I guess at 19 I would have wanted to still be doing drama (and I really do miss getting to do that) but like I said, I can’t complain about my life at all. I serve an amazing God who in the middle of everything else actually cares for me and grants me blessings. How cool is that! 

2 thoughts on “Story of Your Life

  • January 16, 2008 at 10:11 PM

    I was surfing for some resources on prayer and I ran across your site… I’ve got to say I’m impressed… I too am a youth pastor, of an amazing revolutionary church that is associated with SBC. We are located in Las Cruces, NM. My greatest goal as a youth pastor is to have our student connect with God in such a way that draws these students into love relationship with God that supercedes their earthly relationships. Our church mission is to Love God, Love Others and Reach the World.
    Thanks for your site…
    John Garay

  • January 17, 2008 at 5:10 AM

    Thanks for the kind words. It is always cool to hear from someone else who is working with students.


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