Storying Cloth

Check out this resource from the International Mission Board. It is a cloth that has a picture for each of the Bible stories that you use when "storying" through the Bible. It is designed to help share the gospel in oral cultures, but I think it would be great in student ministry too. I saw one of these today and it looks really cool. I would love to make one into a quilt and use in my son’s room to tell Bible stories with each night.

But the youth idea that I had today was to create your own "story cloth." Here is the idea: Create a sheet of paper with 6 panels (sort of like cartoon panels) and pass it out to each student. Ask students to think about their own "Godstory". Ask them to think about 6 major events in their life when God was real to them, or times that were major parts of the story of their life. Then have students either draw pictures to represent each part of their story or use the squares to jot down a short paragraph about that part of their life. Then have students share their story with a partner. Encourage them to use this model to share with others about God’s activity in their life.

Tips: As with any drawing thing you are going to have some students who take a long time making good looking pictures and some students who draw stick figures and who are finished in about 2 minutes. Encourage those who finish early to either add words to the boxes or to turn the paper over and write out their God story.

To add some extra punch to this if you are artistic actually take some time before class and prepare your own "Godstory cloth" and bring it to show as an example.  

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