Storytelling in big church

I got to preach both services today, which is always fun. This morning I did a more traditional service, but tonight I decided to do one of the storytelling lessons that I have been doing with my youth. I went into a little detail about storytelling and why it is important and then did my usual youth opening and told the story. Afterwards we retold the story as a group and then I asked discussion questions to get them talking about it.

The story I chose was of the creation and I have to say that the format was a big hit. We had a very lively discussion and even though this is the second time that I have lead this story people were still saying things that I didn’t notice before (like Adam and Eve are the only creations that God uses props to make, everything else he makes just by speaking.) All in all it was a pretty fun night. I don’t get the opportunity to lead discussions with adults very often and it was a nice change of pace.

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