A Child of the King

Of all of the stories here at Nailscars.com this is the one that I have used the most. The idea of a princess who doesn’t know that she is royalty just works with so many different applications. Of course it may also be that it is pretty short and that I love the name Alexandria.


Alexandria is a shy, tomboyish daughter of the king. When she is sent to boarding school the other girls tease her. He father comes to check the situation out and reminds Alexandria that she is not just any girl, she is a daughter of the king. The story ends with the king parading his daughter around the school so that everyone can see that she belongs to him.

Spiritual Ideas

As Christians, we are children of God, and yet most of us forget to live that way. We live defeated lives, keeping our heads down and believing what other people say about us. The Bible says that we have been granted the spirit of sonship, that we can now call God, “Abba, Father.” Use this story as another way to drive home what it means to live like children of God.

The Story

The best way to describe Alexandria would be to call her a reluctant princess. She was the youngest child of King Reginald and of the kings six children she was the only girl. Her mother desperately tried to raise her as a lady of court, but Alex was her father’s daughter first. She was also the apple of her father’s eye and they would spend many days riding through the forest, her sitting before him on his big horse, her thick dark hair in a braid running down her back.

Alex was a tomboy, but she was also painfully shy. She rarely talked in the presence of strangers. She preferred roaming through the gardens and orchards behind their estate than learning any of the social graces of court.

When Alex was 10 years old her mother knew that she would never grow to be a lady in her house full of men. So, as was the custom in their part of the world she arranged for Alex to attend a school for girls. Alex didn’t want to go. She had no desire to become a lady; more than anything else she wanted to stay with her father.

But tradition and her mother’s insistence won out and so Alex went to stay at the most prestigious boarding school in all the land.

She knew right from the first day that she didn’t fit in. All of the other girls seemed more concerned with how they looked than what sort of fish they could find in the lake on the school grounds. They each chattered almost incessantly about life at court and all the latest gossip. Alex didn’t know what to do or think. She mainly tried to stay out of the way and endured her confinement in that place in silence.

For a while after she arrived the other girls were so in awe to be in the presence of an actual princess that they left her alone. But once they found that she wasn’t going to lash out at them and treat them like her subjects they found it much more fun to tease her.

“Look at her hands,” they would say, “she has more calluses than the maid”

“Check out her hair, does she even own a comb.”

The insults continued, sometimes whispered as she passed, sometimes spoken directly to her face.

“Alexandria is way to fine a name for a boy like her, Alex suits her much better.”

“It seems the king has sent one of his sons in a dress and he makes a very ugly princess”

The words and other like them surrounded Alex as she roamed through the school. She took the insults as long as she could. One day when she felt like she couldn’t handle life in that place another day, she sent a letter to her mother begging to be brought home.

Seeing the abuse being heaped on her daughter the queen immediately sent word to bring Alex home. The king stopped that order, though. “Let me handle if first, Dear,” he said, “and if that doesn’t work work we can bring her home.”

That very night the king rode to the school. The next day as the girls were heading to their morning classes he hid in the bushes beside the path. Sure enough as Alex walked by the other girls began to call her names. The king waited silently, interested in how she would react. Alex simply ducked her head and hurried past. The king could see a tear in her eye as she walked by.

When classes were over the king was waiting in Alex’s room. She ran to him immediately and hugged him.

“O papa,” she said,  “you have come to take me home!”

“Actually, my Alexandria, I am not,” the king said. “I came here to remind the people in this school of who you are, but I see now that I need to remind you of who you are. Have you forgotten my face so quickly? You are not a peasant. You are not a servant. You are the princess of this kingdom. You are my daughter and I love you, but more than that you are the daughter of the king. Hold your head high. When you walk through these halls stand straight and tall. When you hear what these girls are saying, don’t slink away look them in the eye. Remember you are the child of the king.”

The king hugged his daughter and took her by the hand. Then he walked around the estate with her, hand in hand, so that everyone could see her. At first Alexandria didn’t know what to think, but as she walked she began to see how the people saw her walking beside the king. When she was with the king she wasn’t the shy tomboy that they all had laughed at. When she was with the king she was princess Alexandria. When she was with the king she was royalty. As she walked, and saw herself reflected in the awed stares of the other girls, her back got straighter and her head came up. For the first time she realized who she really was. She was a child of the king.


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  • July 19, 2013 at 7:07 AM

    Interesting! It’s an eye opening story (know whom you are in Christ).


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