Student Ministry Overview

Our church has traditionally moved the 6th graders up into the youth ministry at the end of the school year so they get one extra summer to be a part of our group. Tonight we have 6th grade orientation. It is a place where the 6th graders and their parents can come in and learn about what we do and what is expected of them. So I have been putting together the basic overview of our ministry again. I thought I would stick it up here and let you see it.

10 Pillars of Calvary Student Ministry:

(These 10 things will be taught in some form every year. Some of them get long series, some of them only get a few weeks, but each year we cover all 10 of these pillars. The idea is that at the end of 6 years with us you will have heard these things 10 different times.)

  1. Learning to worship
  2. How to live out your faith
  3. How to love others
  4. How to put love for others into action (service and missions)
  5. Learning spiritual disciplines
  6. Learning basic Christian apologetics. (how to defend your faith)
  7. Learning to read and study God’s word
  8. How to make wise choices
  9. How to have healthy relationships (with friends, family, and dating relationships)
  10. Learning that you are free in Christ.


Normally I present these pillars in this form.

Our prayer is that when you graduate you will…

  • Know who God is
  • Live an authentic faith
  • Have a love for others
  • Put love for others into action.
  • Continue in spiritual habits
  • Know how to defend your faith
  • Be intimate with God’s word
  • Make wise choices
  • Develop healthy relationships
  • Realize your freedom in Christ


Our Mission Statement:

Our desire is to see students and leaders transformed into a community of believers dedicated to letting God:
    Change their lives through worship and study
    Change their friends lives through outreach; and
    Change the world through service and missions

 (Every week at our Wednesday night prayer meeting we say an abbreviated version of this statement as a prayer. The students have even developed hand motions for it.)

Lord, transform us into a community of believers dedicated to letting you: Change our lives; Change our friends lives; and Change the world.


Finally we are also talking tonight about the name Catalyst and what it is all about. I pulled these 5 statements from the catalyst conference and their really amazing “groupzine“. 

A Catalyst Student is

  • Passionate about God
  • Intentional about Community
  • Uncompromising in Integrity
  • Authentic in Influence
  • Courageous in Calling


That’s pretty much the focus of what we do at Calvary. These things are supposed to help us focus our energies on what we feel is most important and most of the time they do.


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