Student Poetry

I love it when I get a chance to read some student poetry. Here are three examples from tonight that I thought were really good.

Wilder that the trees that catch the snow
O precious is the flow
God and all his mystery
I can’t fully understand
And he means so much to me
Blessed me with a heart that beats
Blessed me with lungs that breathe
Something I can’t even see
He means so much to me
Fall into the great unknown
With open arms and call it home
Sacrificed for the sin in me
There is no doubt that I believe
I love this unknowable mystery
He means so much to me

                            By: Eli Hayes

Untamed, unashamed consuming fire
Madly loving, boldly returning to my heart
Solid as the earth
more invisible than the wind
He is to me never-ending, never-starting
unfathomable rhyme

You make my heart beat faster than an untamed cheetah
Yet you make me stand in silence at the same time
Indescribable yet undeniable
and yet you still want me
Left me with a promise,
died on a tree,
forgave me,
for all the world to see.

            By: Ashley Pittman


The amazing unknown
You on your throne
The majesty all around me
God it astounds me
The mystery is all around me
yet you keep compelling, drawing me, seeking after me!
It’s amazing!
I don’t understand, take my hand
Lead the way, give me words to say.
Your dangerous, yet the danger overwhelms me
I can’t get enough of this crazy love!

                By: Brittany Lawrence

One thought on “Student Poetry

  • May 31, 2007 at 6:10 PM

    Great poetry…………thanks for sharing these.


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