Summer’s Here!

Am I the only youth pastor who gets a little twitchy this time of year? School is almost out and I have officially kissed my family and told them I would see them in a couple of months. Ok, maybe it isn’t that bad, but there does seem to be a constant stream of activities that happen over the summer, not to mention just the simple fact that the kids are out and about more.

Summer’s are probably the most fun time to be in youth ministry. You get a chance to hang out with students and to see them engaged in some amazing things. Even still when it comes to the end of the summer I am always ready for a break.

This is also the time when Seniors are graduating and getting ready to head off to other things. When you live in small town America that almost always means moving away. I have said it a bunch of times, right when they finally grow up enough to start to understand what is really going on and just catch the first glimpse of what it means to really give all of who they are to God, they graduate.

This year I am excited about the class that I have becoming seniors, though. And I am really excited about a couple of key people who are finally upperclassmen. I have been waiting to give them more responsibility because they are amazing and now I pray that this year can be a year that we can, with God’s help, really make a difference.  

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