Sunday After VBS

There are some trends that you see when you spend your life in churches. One of the funniest to me is to come to church the Sunday after VBS and watch the interactions of various people. Here are some of the groups that I see:

The VBS Workers:

  • are proud of the work that they have done and are looking to talk about numbers and how good the week is to anyone who will listen
  • at the same time they are tired of being at church and have this "just come through a storm" look on their face.
  • There is a deep resentment for anyone who didn’t come work at VBS. This is expressed through jokes.
  • You will hear this group humming little songs and then chastising themselves for doing so.

The Children:

  • After a week of being at church they are not ready to be back
  • They have spent a great deal of time with each other and are getting on each other’s nerves
  • They too will hum songs, but not chastise themselves for it
  • A week of messed up schedule and lack of sleep gives them hollow eyes and short tempers.  

The Youth:

  • Pretty much blend the workers with the children.
  • Most of them have been together even at night
  • They are tired and have been together for too long
  • But they are such social creatures that they feel the need to continue to get together
  • They too are proud of their work, but tired from the children and the messed up schedule.

Those Who Missed It:

  • These guys fall into a couple of categories
  • The first one would have to be those who wanted to be here but couldn’t. They respond like those people who have missed out on a good inside joke. They keep asking for information and for those who were there to explain it, but they can’t seem to really understand so they end up just saying, "That’s nice"
  • Then there are those people who feel that VBS is pointless. They will never say that out loud, but these are the people who complain about the mess that is left.
  • All of them seem to feel the hostility and superiority that oozes off of the those who came to help so they respond with defensiveness about why they weren’t here.   

All in all the Sunday after Vacation Bible School is a crazy one. It is a mix of excitement and exhaustion. There is great joy over what happened and great joy over the fact that the week is over. It is cool to look and see that we have shared the love of Christ with the children of our church and with several who don’t go to church anywhere. At the same time it is a ton of work and the relief that it isn’t restarting again tomorrow is palpable in this place today.

Two more VBS thoughts: 1) Tonight Nathan wanted to go to Bible school so we told him, that if he finished his chicken he could go to church. He started eating again right away. I like that church is a reward for him. 2) Meredith and I were talking and we really miss the "stand up" and "sit down" chords from the VBS’s of our youth.  

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