All of my life seems to be funneling down towards Friday. Our Winter Retreat is finally here and this last week of preparation is going to be fun (please note the sarcasm). It seems like every year that things come up to make this weekend hard to deal with. This year is no exception.

One cool thing happened today though; I got my swords! I ordered two Lord of the Rings sword knock-offs from Pakistan. (I actually ordered them from a company up north, but they were made in Pakistan). Anyway, they aren’t the best quality in the world, but for under $40 bucks each they are great. I have to tell you I don’t see how anyone ever fought with swords this long. I know they aren’t made for using inside standard American houses, because I have already nicked the ceiling several times. I just know I am going to break a light or maybe cut off a toe. I wonder which way Meredith would be the least upset?

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