Tactile Worship

I have been thinking this week about ways to offer "hands on" worship experience without having it be a big production. Tomorrow night I have 2 plans to help worship be about touching as well as singing.

1) Students are to hold hands across the isle. Normally we do this when we speak about Christian unity. Tomorrow we are going a different way. After a song about God coming to live and die here on earth I am going to have a quiet time of reflection where I instruct the students to think about how the God of the Universe wants to come in contact with us. As surely as you are holding the hands of the people around you, God wants to touch your heart tonight. As you pray think of God being as close to you as the hands you are holding.

2) We are going to sing "Above All" and I plan to have my adults pass out small nails to each student.  I don’t really plan on saying anything, just let the band play through the song without words one time as the nails are being passed out and then start singing. I think the symbolism of a song about Crucifixion while students are holding a nail will be enough, but maybe not, we’ll see.

Nail Tip: Use masonry nails. They look more like spikes, and they don’t have pointed tips. That way students won’t poke each other with the nails all night.

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  • July 2, 2011 at 1:45 PM

    I love what you do. I browse and get inspired. Your love for the Lord shines through. Thank you.


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