Christian Appraisal Skit

Christian Appraisal Skit

Found this little skit when I was doing some cleaning. The set up is simple it is basically just a teenager sitting on a table like they are the artifact being examined on Antiques Roadshow. You can cover the teen up with a sheet if you like, but it isn’t necessary. Throughout the skit the teen should be pleasant to work with, but not show a whole lot of outward emotions.


Expert: Well, let’s see what you have brought us today. (removes sheet) This appears to be a Christian teenager. Can you tell me where you found it.

Patron: Well, I picked him up at the church about two years ago. I was thinking about sending him into my local high school as a missionary. So I wanted to bring him here and have him checked out to see what you guys think he is.

Expert: Well, let’s have a look. (checks knees) Yes, see here there is some rough spots on his knees that would indicate praying. (looks at cross) and he does seem to have the right accessories. Let’s see now, (to teen) Teenager, what is your favorite Bible verse?

Teen: For God, so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so whosoever believeth in him should not perish but inherit eternal life.

Expert: Very good, and in King James Version too. (to patron) Now how much do you think a young Christian teenager like this is worth?

Patron: Well if he can influence his friends to come to know Christ then there really isn’t any price I could put on his life.

Expert: That is true an authentic Christian teenager is a priceless thing. But while this teen has all of the outward appearances of being a Christian it is what is on the inside that matters. (opens teen’s mouth and looks inside) Let’s see what is inside here. Yes, this is just as I feared. I see a lot of jealousy and pride in here. And it seems to me that he is more interested in serving himself than serving God. Oh yeah, and here I see that he would rather be liked by friends that follow what God says. (closes teen’s mouth) I’m sorry, but it would appear that this teen only looks like a Christian on the outside. His insides are nothing like Christ.

Patron: So what is he worth.

Expert: Well, his outsides look good, but that doesn’t matter all that much. if the insides were focused on Christ then he could be a little rough around the edges and still be invaluable. As it is, until his insides line up with the false face he is putting on the outside he won’t be worth anything of kingdom value.

Patron: Well, shoot. I thought I had someone who could help me reach his school for Christ.

Expert: Now don’t write him off yet. God can still use him. It only takes a decision to live an authentic life.