Worship Backing Tracks

Worship Backing Tracks

I am on a quest.

It hasn’t been an easy mission, and I am still not there yet, but I know that one day I will find what I seek.

I only hope that it won’t be too late.

What is my quest you ask? It is simple, to find the right solution to play backing tracks behind our little 3 piece youth praise band. I have tried what seems like dozens of sites that offer all sorts of solutions, but I still can’t find the one that just clicks (ha! if you are on my same boat you know why that is funny) with our band.

The reason that I am looking for backing tracks has little to do with adding new instruments. It has more to do with adding the synth parts that you find in most modern worship songs these days. To make things sound “the way it does on the radio” there are parts that we just can’t create with live instruments. Of course these are also parts that weren’t created with live instruments originally either, so it is what it is.

Anyway, you will find a list below of what I have tried. If you have tried these and want to rave about them or have some other solution you want to add to the mix just let me know.

Worship Backing Band This one has a great deal of promise, but we don’t really have a spare computer we can use in our youth space so we are having trouble making it work. (We need an ipad solution ideally).

Multitracks.com has a great selection of songs (the best that I have found) but their Ableton files also need a dedicated computer. We have toyed around with their basic back tracks fired from a grid system on the ipad. This may ultimately be our best solution, but like I said it hasn’t clicked yet.

Worship Band in Hand As an iPad solution this one is great and I love how easy it is to use. My only complaint is that it is missing the speaking cues that talk you into each section. Having those really helps when you are working on a new song, and I miss them. I do like the fact that they have chord charts available too, but I normally use SongSelect to get our chord charts.

These are the three that I have actually purchased songs from, although there are other places that I have been looking for information, including trying my hand at making some of my own (which didn’t work out at all), but still haven’t found that magic combination that works for us.

Do you guys have any other suggestions?

A Moment of Worship

Last night when I was practicing with the band I had a moment of worshp. It snuck up on unexpected. Normally practices are fun, but not very engaged with God. We are just trying to make sure we have everything ready for what happens when people walk through the door.

But last night we were singing “Wholly Yours” the David Crowder song. (btw, that is just a great English major type song. When you start calling God the antonym of me and make the whole hook of the song based on a homonym. It makes me smile) and suddenly it was more than just practice. I thought about what I was singing “I want to be holy like you are” and suddenly it was a deep desire of my heart as well as a deep shame of how far away from that I really was.

I am feeling a stiring of God’s passion again, and it is makin me thirsty for more.