Understanding Atheists

I think I finally understand what atheists feel like when they are talking to Christians. There is a new craze at my church you may have seen it they are called Power Balance Bands. If you haven’t seen them they are rubber bracelets (like the live strong ones) with a hologram on them. Apparently they are supposed to work because the hologram has energy that lines up with your body’s energy and supposedly helps you with balance and gives you energy.

I know what you are thinking. How in the world can a kid’s sticker actually effect someones balance and agility, much less how well they sleep. That sounds like a perfectly reasonable position to me too but the people who wear them swear that they work. They can’t explain why they work, they say, but things are better with the band.

And here is where the atheist things comes in. I can imagine that they feel the same way that I do when they are talking to a Christian. In many ways the only defense that a Christian can offer is their own experience. They have to feel like I feel when talking to people with their “magic” bracelets. If so the. I can’t imagine why I don’t get slapped more by atheists who can’t understand how I believe what I do.