The Bible or Ben Franklin

The Bible or Ben Franklin

Can you spot which of these 10 quotes comes from the Bible and which of them comes from Ben Franklin? Some are obvious, others you have heard before, but some of them will be sure to have your students guessing. You can download the PowerPoint file or the image files for use in other screen presentation software from the links below.

Bible or Ben Franklin PowerPoint

Bible or Ben Franklin Image Files

How It Works:

Divide your group into teams. I normally give the teams 30 seconds to come up with a team name to add a bit of whimsy to the activity. Give a piece of paper and pen to each team and have them write down the answers as you go through the questions. When you are finished teams should trade paper to grade the quizzes. Give a small prize to the winning team. Smaller groups can have as few as two teams, but try to avoid playing as individuals. Part of the experience is to work together as a team.