A Radical Group Change

I have been doing youth ministry at this church for going on 11 years now. In that time we have had one other year like this one when there was a radical change simply because of the group of seniors who were graduating. This year it looks like things are going to change even more. We have a group right now of about 25 regulars. Of that group 11 of them are seniors. So nearly half of our regular group graduated a few weeks ago and will be moving on to college a few weeks from now. The rest of our group (with a few exceptions) are middle school kids.

So everything is about to change.

Honestly I am pretty excited. I think I have taught the seniors what I need to teach them and I am excited about their next stage in life. I am also very excited about having middle school kids again. But here is the problem. Most of the graduated seniors aren’t getting out of town. They are going to a local junior college. So they will still be around. Since we don’t have a dedicated college program they are talking about sticking around the youth ministry. Which is cool, but at the same time makes ministering to a new group of middle school students difficult.

So I am still trying to work out how to make everything gel. My current plan is to have the college kids hang out with us during the singing time and then go and have their own Bible study during the teaching time. Of course I don’t have a teacher for this Bible study yet, so who knows what will happen.

No matter where things take us in the next couple of week I do know that they will be changing, not only that, I know that they have to change if we are going to continue to reach the students of Eufaula.