Pizza Hut 50 Cent Wings

I don’t know if you have seen the commercials, but Pizza Hut has a campaign right now where they have 50 cent wings on Wednesday. My wife and I discussed how many wings each of us would like to eat and decided that the optimal number of wings for us would be 16. I am a wiz at math so I quickly figured out that would cost $8 before taxes.

When I get to Pizza Hut I am informed that 16 isn’t an option. You can only order the wings in sets of 10. So I could get 10 for $5 or 20 for $10, but not 16. The guy taking my order didn’t see my logic about how the commercials seem to imply that you can order how many wings that you want. “The computer has them in sets of 10 or 20,” he said.

So what Pizza Hut should say is that on Wednesday you can get 10 wings for $5. The current way just seems misleading to me.