Group Collage

Group Collage

This is a simple way to add art to your worship. Let everyone create a piece of worship art an collect them into one large collage.

Here is How it Works

Pass out half sheets of paper (of for a more permanent display those small hard canvas boards you can get at an art supply store). Choose your theme (an easy first theme would be the cross) and then have students to draw pictures around that theme. Normally if I am going to use them in a collage I will ask students to fill the entire sheet with color. (This will make the final project look more complete)

Play some soft worship music and let the students interact quietly as they draw. Collect them when they are finished and ask some artistic youth to come and help you arrange them on a wall in your youth room before the next meeting.

God is Faithful

God is Faithful

These three “stations” can be used to add creative content to a worship gathering without being the whole focus. These stations explore the idea of the faithfulness of God and are designed to fit into a larger worship time. You can download the instruction sheets for each station by clicking the .pdf links at the bottom of this post.

Materials Needed:

  • Journal Sheets
  • Pens
  • Art supplies
  • Large roll of paper on wall (optional)
  • river rocks
  • Instruction sheets for the other stations

The Set Up:

Set up the drawing station by putting a large sheet of paper up on the wall with the instructions and art supplies where they can be easily accessed. In the “touch” station place the river rocks and instructions. Pass out the journal sheets to everyone in the group. Point out the other stations around the room for those who wish to use them.  You may want to let worshipers know that they don’t need to finish the journaling sheets if they want to get engage in the other stations. We took about 8 minutes between songs (with soft music playing) in our worship set for students to work through a couple of these ideas.



Deuteronomy 32:4

God is faithful. We say that many times in churches, but what does it really mean? Use the material provided to draw your idea of God’s faithfulness. You can draw about a personal time when God came through for you, or you can draw something that represents God’s faithfulness to you.



John 21:25

If we are following God we will face many obstacles that are too big for us to overcome. In the wild there are many dangers that we simply cannot survive without God. But entering into such a dangerous life can be scary if we forget just how amazing God really is.

Use the space provided to come up with 30 words or phrases to describe God. You can use names of God, phrases you may know from the Bible, or anything that you feel describes God.

Once you get 30 look back at your list and think that everything that you wrote isn’t even a fraction of all that God really is. That is the God that is on our side.



Joshua 4:1-7

In the old testament God directed his people to build monuments as reminders of times when He was faithful. Are there any times in your life that God was real to you, or that God came through for you. Choose one of the stones from this pile (you can choose more if you have more than one event) and find a place to kneel and pray and thank God for his faithfulness. Be specific as your remember what God did and how he came through for you. Carry this stone with you as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Faithful Art .pdf

Faithful Journaling .pdf

Faithful Touch .pdf

Create Your Own Psalm

Create Your Own Psalm

This journaling worship activity encourages worshipers to come up with their own psalm of praise. Pass out the pdf you find below and play some soft music to cut down on distractions while they are working. Give worshipers a few minutes and then ask them to get into groups and share their psalm. Smaller groups can have people share one lone of their psalm out loud for the entire group.

Create Your Own Psalm (.pdf)

(here is the text of the .pdf)

Create Your Own Psalm

I will praise You, O God, for You are _______and __________ and _______________

___________ is the Lord and worthy of Praise!The Lord my God has ________________________________________

He has shown his love to me by ________________________________ and by____________________________________

His works declare that he is _______________I will praise the Lord because to me.

He is____________ and _________ and ________and __________ and ________ and _______!


A simple report of when I used it at my church.

Yesterday morning I preached on Psalm 145 and talked about the glory and greatness of God. I was talking about how one of the ways that we can see the greatness of God is by looking at his works. He has worked in creation (I walked through pictures of some remarkable creature), but not only did he work through creation, but He also works in the lives of people, (I did a quick tour of a couple of God’s works in the Bible). Then I said that not only does God work in creation and in the lives of people in the Bible, but God works in our own lives as well.

Then I had them complete the “Create Your Own Psalm” sheet while our pianist played softly. After they had a moment to write I read Psalm 145:4 and said that we were going to take the advice of David and proclaim God’s word among the generations. I asked the church to get into groups of 3 or 4 (more people in a group takes more time so I wanted to keep the groups small). The only rule was that they had to have at least 3 different generations in their group. Once in their group they were to share the Psalm that they had written.

The whole process went over well. People didn’t take the whole “3 different generations” thing very seriously, but looking around the room there was a good blending of the generations. It was fun to see people who don’t normally interact sharing stories, laughter, and worship together. One guy in the early service even got up and walked out, I don’t know if that was because of what I was doing, but for some reason that made me smile too.

Actually, I know why that made me smile. You see there are some people who come to church and think that is all that they need to do. They simply need to come and sit and listen and leave. But I believe that church and worship should require something of you. You aren’t just a spectator you are a participant. We come together as a body to share our voices, our stories, or lives and that can’t be done passively. Coming to church should cost you something (and I’m not talking about the offering) it should make you uncomfortable sometimes and make you cry sometimes, and it should always make you see God and respond to him in a new way.