Tomorrow night we are turning our discussion of the family to God’s intended plan for marriage. While it is generally easy in Christian circles to say that God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, it is a whole different animal to look at a group of teenagers and say that divorce is a sin. It is just such a painful subject for many people that I found myself saying about 100 different equivocations in my notes.

But I don’t want to shy away from this topic. If we are ever going to turn the divorce rate around it will have to come because a generation decides that marriage will be something sacred again. So much of what I am teaching has to do with their future.

I guess the best way that you can do that, the best way you can “guarantee” your marriage is to forget everything that you ever learned in Jerry McGuire. Finding a person who “completes” you is the quickest way to divorce. It is God who completes us. It is God who makes us whole. We should find someone who compliments us and who is strong where we are weak, but we should be dependant on God. Too many people ask their spouse to be the source of their life and happiness. When that person fails at being God then it is time to get out of the marriage.

Now I know all divorce isn’t about this, but I think that if more people would seek God as much as they seek a mate then the divorce rate would drop dramatically.

It is amazing how many things can be solved simply by loving God and living like He says to live. Life is funny that way.