Ethiopia Report

I could type for days about my trip to Ethiopia. I could probably post several articles just about the whole foreign-ness of it all. This was my first real trip out of the country and the culture shock of encountering a 3rd world country, even the capitol city of that country took a few days to overcome.

But overcome it I did and eventually even fell in love with the people that I met there. In Addis Ababa there is a leper colony. It is a place that grew up a few generations ago around the government leprosy hospital, but now there are third generation children growing up in Korah. It is a place of extreme poverty and sickness is everywhere.

Our small group of people was partnered with a medical mission team out of Nashville. Two of the ladies on our team worked as nurses and the other three of us were crowd control. The lines were understandably long as people from all over Korah heard that there were doctors willing to see them. We spent 4 days there in Korah seeing patients for 6 hours each day and still we turned people away.

It was a humbling thing to see so many mothers bring their small children to us desperate for help. I could look in the eyes of these mothers and see their love for their children and my heart would break for them. I was very glad that we were able to help out.

I was also glad that we were helping out at a church. We were working with a local church there in Korah that will be there long after we have left. We were there helping them to reach out to their people. It was neat seeing the pastor move around through the people, talking to them, and building relationships. We were a doorway for that church to walk through to share the gospel, and I was honored to be a part of it.

We also spent some time outside of the city at a boarding school for some of the kids who used to live in Korah and you can see pictures of that and the rest of our trip in the little animoto video below.