Cookie Cutter Christians

Cookie Cutter Christians

The Idea

Use pre-made cookie dough and some cookie cutters to create a sweet object lesson about being the body of Christ.

Spiritual Idea

In 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 Paul explains that we are all uniquely gifted. If all Christians were exactly the same they wouldn’t be the body of Christ, they would just be the body “part” of Christ. Many teenagers think to live for Christ means to look like everyone else (and many adults think that the teenagers should look just like them) but God has a much more wonderfully diverse plan in st0re for us.

Materials Needed

  • Sugar cookie dough (I used the Pillsbury refrigerated sheets, but apparently they are discontinued. You can make up your own dough and roll out a square for each participant or you can apparently, according to their website, work 1/4 cup of floor into the slice and bake roll and then roll it out for cookies)
  • Several cookie cutters
  • Wax paper
  • Cookie sheet
  • Oven
  • Icing (optional)

The Lesson

Arrange students in groups of 3-5. Give each student a square of cookie dough (and something non-stick to shape it on like wax paper). Give each group a cookie cutter. Instruct students to use the cutter to cut a cookie out of their dough.


  • What does your cookie look like?
  • How is it different from the other cookies in your group?
  • How do you think this applies to living as a Christian?
  • Do you think that Christians are supposed to be cookie cutter copies of each other? Why or why not?

Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-27.

  • What does Paul say about the body of Christ?
  • What would happen if everyone in the church was exactly the same?
Say: You are not like the people around you. You have a unique gift, a unique calling. Part of growing as a Christian is discovering how you were shaped by God and how that shape points you in the directions you should follow. So instead of cookie cutter cookies now you are going to get to make your own cookie creation. Use the dough you have (and the icing if you have some) to create a cookie of your own design. If a few of you would like to work together to create one large cookie creation then feel free to do that too.
Give students a few minutes to decorate their cookies and then have a volunteer take the cookies and bake them while you continue with your Bible study. After you are finished teaching pass the cookies back out to their owners for a sweet reminder that we all have a job to perform in the body of Christ.



One week we played a game called “Smackdown” during our Wednesday night meeting. I sent out a text alert talking about it, but I made a typo and sent out that we were having SNACKDOWN. That night a bunch of students came to church looking for something to do with snacks.

I thought it sounded like a good idea so the next week we had SNACKDOWN! It had been a while since I had a full on gross out messy games type night so I thought I would run with it. We were closing out our study on prayer and this week we were talking about praying for your friends. I made 4 games up that had to do with that them, and then promptly forgot to mention the point when we were playing them. Check out the games below.

How it Works

Divide your group into teams. Choose the appropriate number of volunteers from each team to compete in the games. Aware points to the appropriate team for the first group that completes the challenge. If you have time play the challenges more than once.

Pudding Feed

We should pray for our friends when they need help.

  • two volunteers
  • One sits in a chair
  • other one gets behind with their arms under chair person’s arms
  • Back person is blindfolded
  • Feed them Pudding


Marshmallow Mouth Catch

Just like you had to aim when you were throwing these marshmallows your prayers should take aim at specific things for your friends. (Don’t just say, God bless Amy)

  • Players choose partners
  • Players attempt to throw marshmallows into the mouths of their partner
  • The catch is that the marshmallows are dipped in chocolate
  • Players are allowed to spit them out once they catch them


Jell-O Shield

Your prayers are vital to your friends. We should ask God to shield our friends from the enemy.

  • Team chooses their tallest and shortest players and two “shooters”
  • Tallest player stands on the mark (a Frisbee will work) and does not move
  • Shooters fling Jell-O at the opposing team’s tallest player
  • Shortest player stands in front of him/her and tries to shield him with her body
  • Team with the least amount of Jell-O wins


Gummy Worm Lip Relay

praying for your friends means getting close enough to know their needs

  • 4 people of the same gender lined up “relay” style
  • Plate of gummie worms covered in syrup
  • First person in line picks up a worms with their mouth and passes it mouth to mouth down the line
  • The last person in line places the worm on a second plate
  • First team to place 5 worms on the second plate wins

A Discovery

I know that others have been privy to the wonder that I discovered last night. In fact I learned that my sister actually introduced my wife it unbeknownst to me. But last night I discovered one of the truly great experiences of all times: Brown Sugar Bacon.

Meredith and I were watching the food network (don’t ask. Our television lives on Food Network, TLC, and HGTV) and one of the guys made some brown sugar coated bacon. I was hungry and looking for a snack and as we had all of the ingredients in the house I thought I would give it a try.

Even though the bacon was the cheep stuff and not Oscar Myer and even though I put it in the microwave instead of the oven it was still one amazing taste.