Freedom Youth Object Lesson

Freedom Youth Object Lesson

Here is an idea for a lesson that talks about freedom.

Bible Basis:

Galatians 5:1

Set Up:

Gather 4 boxes and put something in them that is heavy. I used rocks, but books or any other heavy object will work. Tie the boxes to a ribbon or rope strong enough to hold it and big enough that you can attach stuff to it. Put one of the main words on each box and print the excuse for each word so that you can attach it to the ribbon while you are talking.

How it Works: Get 4 volunteers to come and hold the boxes with the words on them. Talk about each box and the way that what is on the box keeps you from being free. As you are talking attach the common excuse to the box.

After you have talked about each box and the excuse people use read Galatians 5:1 (again if you have already been talking about it) and then cut the ribbon on one of the boxes. Go down the line repeating “It is for freedom that Christ has set you free” before you cut the ribbon for each box.

After you have finished thank your volunteers and debrief the activity.

The Text:

Activities – But I’m not “enough” yet

Relationships – But I love him

SIN – But I will be alone

Expectations – But they are counting on me

The Idea:

Activities: We are slaves to our schedules. We try to fill our lives with more and more stuff to do. In many ways it is because we feel like we have to be “more” whatever that means. We may never say it, but the fact that we are trying to prove ourselves and prove that we have enough to offer the world is a big reason why we are slaves to our activities

Relationships: Sometimes we can be held back by our relationships and we are willing to stay slaves to those relationships because of “love.” Recognizing that you are a slaves is a good first step to breaking free. Love should free you, the way that Christ’s love does, not hold you down.

SIN: We often are slaves to sin and doing what everyone else is doing because we are afraid that everyone will leave us. We are afraid we will be alone. Don’t be a slave to fear or the opinions of others.

Expectations: We can be a slave even to good expectations. You are who God created you to be, not who anyone else wants you to be. Cut lose from expectations and don’t be afraid to lest someone down because you are following God. It is probably your ego that is keeping you a slave as much as their expectations of you.