Because of Sarai

When I think about Genesis 12 I think about the good things that happened to Abram (later Abraham). He gets called by God and follows Him into into a country that God promises to show him. Abram gets blessed by God and receives the promise of many children and even the savior of the world through his lineage.

What I didn’t realize until today is that Genesis 12 also has the story of Abram heading to Egypt because of a famine and lying to the Pharaoh about Sarai. If you don’t know the story Abram claims that she is his sister and not his wife because he is afraid that the Pharaoh will kill him and take her. Abram, who was willing to follow God into an undisclosed country now doesn’t trust Him enough to keep him safe in Egypt.

Well, apparently, Sarai was beautiful and the Pharaoh takes her into his harem. Abram is given lots of stuff for this and is well treated by the Pharaoh, but his wife is taken into Pharaoh’s house. In order to save his own neck Abram lies and Sarai ends up the wife of another man.

Well God doesn’t take too kindly to this and sends plagues down on the Egyptians (a little forshadowing for you here). Check out this verse:

But the LORD inflicted serious diseases on Pharaoh and his household because of Abram’s wife Sarai Genesis 12:17. 

Because of Sarai God sent the plagues. Abram wasn’t willing to trust in God so he made up the lie, but God was still on their side so for the sake of Sarai (and the promise that he had made to Abram) God sent plagues so that she could be set free.

It is neat to see God stepping in to make sure that his promises are fulfilled. That brings comfort to know that if he did it then he can do it again.