A Gift of Giving

A Gift of Giving

Yesterday I wrote about a new kind of gift, a gift that lets the person who receives the gifts give it away to help someone else. I got a little inspired and put together a .pdf of a card that you can use if you want to give this sort of gift to someone.

The idea is simple. You give money, a gift card, or an item to someone as a gift and include with it the card you can download below. The card instructs that person that they can keep the gift, or better yet, give it away to help someone else. On the back of the card are a few ideas for how they can use the gift to help someone else.

You can click the link to download the card. It is set up to be two to a sheet and front and back printed. This works great with the Avery Note Cards (I personally like the textured ones) but you can just use card stock and cut them apart too.


A Gift of Giving Card.pdf


Text of the Card:

A Gift of Giving

This is a different sort of gift. It isn’t something you can hold or wear or set in your house and look at. It is the gift of a choice. It is the gift of giving.

Take a day, an evening, a moment, and think about someone who could use a gift like this. It may be someone you know or someone you only pass on the street. It may be someone in your home or someone on the other side of the world. Think about it pray about it and then give it gladly knowing that your choice is making a difference.

Don’t be afraid to give this gift to yourself. If you have a need, a fear, a prayer then this may be what you have been waiting for. This gift is yours to keep or give away; I have given it to you because I care about you. You can use it however you like.

When you have made your choice; when you have given your gift call me, write me, email me, meet me for coffee or lunch, and let’s talk about it. Share with me the joy that you found through giving and maybe we can find ways new ways to keep that joy alive.

(On the Back)

A Few Ideas:

Give it to someone you know has a need
Use it to buy something for someone who is hurting
Buy ingredients for a meal or a dessert to brighten a friend’s day
Take someone who needs a friend to dinner or to a movie
Donate it to a local charity in your area
Use it for gas as you drive around visiting shut-ins
Buy some toys and help out a single mom
Make a Donation to Help Others



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Christmas Present Idea

Christmas Present Idea


Last year I made this little gift of giving card. It is a simple idea. You give someone money with a little note telling them to give it away to someone else. Lots of people give gifts to charity in someone else’s honor, but then the giver gets all of the warm fuzzies that come from giving something away. This way both you and the person receiving the gift get a chance to once again experience the joy that comes from giving. You can download a .pdf of the card or check out the original post below.

A Gift of Giving Card.pdf

A Gift of Giving (Original Post)