This isn’t helping

This isn’t helping

Recently, I have spent a great deal of time running through the internet conversation about the origins of life. One of the things I wanted to point out is how much arrogant, ignorant Christians aren’t helping the situation.

OK, that sounded a little harsh, but images like this make me roll my eyes and want to scream. You can check it out on this website for Christian phone backgrounds (lots of cool pictures there btw). This is a classic case of playing to your base while alienating everyone else. Stuff like this bugs me because it turns off more people to the gospel and the truth than brings them in. Can you honestly believe that anyone is going to see this and change their opinion? The only opinion that will change is their opinion of Christians, not science.

It also expresses one of the fundamental gripes I have of Christians being wrong about what they are screaming about. No one is claiming that people came from monkeys. No one is even claiming that people evolved from apes (which are much closer to us than monkeys). The scientific claim is that apes and humans had a common ancestor and genetic mutations created humans and the other great apes. This is also the answer to the question “Why aren’t monkey’s still evolving into humans?” which gets thrown around anytime people are talking about this stuff.

As Christians we need to be educated about what is really being taught because railing against stuff that isn’t real just makes us look foolish.

Somehow we have to figure out how to be a body of faith that stands on principles, without being arrogant and stupid while we do it. Any shirt that tries to convince someone of something isn’t helping us get there. Trust me on this one.