Body Confession Prayer

Body Confession Prayer

This is a simple guided prayer exercise that encourages worshipers to use their entire bodies in their prayer. Lead this prayer by playing soft music and reading the instructions aloud. Pause between paragraphs and allow participants time to pray.

Begin by closing your eyes and quietly taking several deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth. Breath in the presence of God breath out the stress of your day. Breath in worship, breath out distractions.

Now quietly kneel on the floor and begin to pray. You are in the presence of the King of kings. Bow reverently before him. Spend some time and offer up silent words of praise to God.

Now press your hands hard against the floor as you spend time confessing your sins. Ask God to speak to your heart and show you those things that you are holding back from him. Feel the weight of those sins holding you down like the pressure you are putting on the floor.

As you ask God to forgive those sins and bear the weight that you can’t bear stop pressing on the floor and feel the lightness of your heart and body.

Now stand up, stand tall in the presence of your savior. You are a forgiven child of the King of kings. Hold your head high as you feel the power of his forgiveness flow through you. Thank God for his forgiveness and for adopting you as His child.

Now hold your hands out before you in a bowl. Ask God to fill you up with worship and praise. Ask God to fill you with his Spirit and with His blessings.

Now raise your hands above you in praise to God. Speak audible words of thanks and praise to God for his forgiveness and for his mercy. Lift up your hearts to him in praise.

Conclude the prayer time with singing