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Kinetic Sand Prayer Station

At our Winter Overnight a couple of days ago we did a time where we set up prayer stations. One of those stations you will ...

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Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Last night we concluded our short series on being "ONE" with a prayer for the persecuted church. Of course it followed the age old maxim of youth ministry. If you plan a high impact evangelistic type lesson that needs lots of people to be fun and effective only 10 church kids will show up. Last night when I was looking for an intimate time with a few Christians students, and we had 2 new kids show up one who had never been to ANY church before. What a crazy first lesson on the gospel. "Follow God and you will suffer! You wanna sign up now?" 

But I digress. The big teaching point for me was when I was walking around to groups and I heard my church kids saying they didn't want to pray out loud. They were reading a story about a Somali girl who was tied to a tree for days because she wouldn't stop being a Christian and they didn't want to pray out loud in front of 3 other people. I really did a good job keeping my cool because I almost canceled church and sent them all out of the room right then and there. But instead I tried to point out to calmly point out to them the gross selfishness of such a refusal to pray. Honestly I think some of it got through. 

If you would like to read about the event, see the stories, and some advice for doing it yourself check out the rest of this article after the jump. 

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Love Worship Stations

Each of these stations were designed to be used by individual worshipers in a self-guided worship activity. These stations were written to accompany the LOVE worship outline, ...

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