Back to School Prayer Stations

One of my yearly traditions is to have a special prayer service before the youth start back to school. This service has taken many forms, but the focus is always on praying for your school and for commissioning them to reach out to their friends. This year as we have been talking about "Going Viral" and how to share the gospel with their friends all summer it is even more poignant. So tomorrow night we are having a prayer station worship gathering. It has been a while since we have done one of these so I am looking forward to it.

As I was getting things ready I went back to look and see what we had done in the past and came upon some old back to school prayer things. I thought I would just throw the list of all of them up here. I have given you a little bit of instruction as well. Hope you can find a few ideas.

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Family Prayer Time Ideas

Most Parents who are part of a church know that they should spend more time in prayer with their children. The problem is that these ...

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Family Prayer Activities

Life is stressful. Life with children is normally even more stressful. As parents we know that we should have spiritual conversations with our children, but ...

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Playground Prayers

Most Christians parents know that they should spend time talking with their kids about God. But when you have small children sometimes just getting through ...

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Drawing Prayer Confidence

(Psalm 86) God, the one true God, the creator of the universe and the sustainer of all things, wants to know us. He wants to ...

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