So if the difference between Christian faith and all other forms of spirituality is that Christian faith offers a relational dynamic with God, why are we cloaking this relational dynamic in formulas?

–Donald Miller: Searching for God Knows What

Most institutions, even most Christians would agree 100% with this statement. I have been around churches and church folk all my life, and I have heard more times than I can count, “We don’t need another program.” I have then heard those self same people begin to outline a new program, paradigm, model or whatever the buzz word happens to be at the time.

I am re-reading Searching for God Knows What and this little statement in the opening chapter just grabbed me because I know that in my own life and especially in ministry I have forgotten this truth many times. The fact that God is a relationship and not a series of hoops or formulas is fundamental and yet when things are a little hard we go back to formulas, hoops, and models. I guess because they are not only easier to teach, they are also easier to measure.

But today, today I got a chance to remember that God is a relationship and not a ritual and it made all the difference.