The greatest shift in communication in 500 years

The greatest shift in communication in 500 years

Have you heard about Pro Church Tools? If you are pastor or volunteer in your church do yourself a favor and go spend some time there. I actually don’t hit their website all that often, but I do watch pretty much every video from the Pro Church Tools YouTube account.

One of the big things that they are found of saying is that we are living in the biggest communication shift in the past 500 years. Not since Guetenberg changed the game with his printing press have we seen such a shift in the way that people process and have access to information. (you could argue that the TV revolution in the 60s was a pretty big shift and it was, but that was still one central location for content which was being made by others, the internet is different). I am an old man and I can remember people being dismissive of the computers in general, then people were mystified by the internet. I was online early, starting this blog way back in 1998. In those days I was the only person I knew that was creating content for the web and still knew lots of people without internet access.

But now with the social media shift that is happening I feel like the old dinosaur talking about kids and their new-fangled toys. I understand that it is the way that people are communicating, getting information, and being creative, but walking into that world I still feel like a bit of an outsider, like I am the teacher who is trying to be cool and saying all the wrong slang.

But I am trying. That is part of the reason why I am doing a video blog, not because I really think it will take off, but because I want to be familiar with the genre and learn the tools needed to speak into this new revolution. I am still a long way from figuring it all out, but I am committed to helping teenagers connect with Jesus so that means I am wading into this thing as deep as I can get. It isn’t easy, and I feel lost most of the time, but I keep my eyes on the prize (that is a generation of souls that are desperate to find what Jesus offers) and resolve to do anything short of sin to proclaim the gospel.

Social Media Help for Parents

Social Media Help for Parents

I am working my way through a newsletter/seminar type thing for parents about social media and their teens (or actually pre-teens too). I use Facebook and Twitter some, but I am just not a social network guy for anything that restricts my word count. But I have been trying to dig through and pick up some helps for parents.

Let me tell you this whole social media world that teenagers live in is a rabbit hole of epic proportions. I was pretty creative when it came to doing nefarious things with the opposite sex when I was in high school, but 1) the tools that teenagers have now is staggering and 2) their ability to use them creatively to keep from being caught is pretty amazing.

Of course part of the problem from a parent perspective isn’t that their kids are trying to hide things it is the exact opposite teenagers are putting way too much of themselves out there and as such are opening up a whole new level of potential problems.

I keep thinking about me back in middle school. I was a big kid sort of goofy and not popular by any standard at all. In fact I was tormented for a while and generally ignored or lightly bullied for much of my teenage years. BUT I had a good home life and parents who loved me and a decent church (even with only a few students my age) and when I wasn’t at school I wasn’t around people who wanted to bully me. I could leave that world and enter into the world of parents and love and acceptance.

But these days the world that teenagers live in doesn’t have those defined boundaries. They are always sharing their lives and living in a world where everyone they know can “like” what they say, what they wear, and what they look like with just the touch of a button. Is it any wonder that teens are showing more skin online because that is a quick way to make sure that you are at least nominally “followed.”

Anyway, I have been digging through a bunch of stuff and trying to find where I am going with this and I am not quite there yet, but here are some cool things I have found online.

These first 3 are all connected:


Here are a couple of other good articles I found. Be sure to check out the Snapchat parents info. It is something that parents should, but probably didn’t read. (this is a PDF)