Faithcraft: A Minecraft Bible Study for Children’s Ministry

Faithcraft: A Minecraft Bible Study for Children’s Ministry

Faithcraft is a 5 week Bible study for children’s ministry with a Minecraft theme. The lessons are about building your faith.
The download includes:

  • PDF of lessons
  • 3 videos for use during Bible study
  • Main Title Slide
  • Faithcraft Logo

The price for the complete download package is $10.00, but if you have a little extra in your budget please consider adding a little more to your purchase price. It would go a long way to helping with expenses at The link bellow will purchase from sellfy which uses Paypal as its checkout system. You can use any card you want through the paypal checkout system.

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For a preview of the videos check out:

A Note about the Journey:

I know that some of you have been asking for this complete series for a long time. It still isn’t all that I want it to be. There is a video I would like to add for week 5 and several screen game type things I would like to include in the download, but I finally realized that if I waited until everything was perfect I would never get anything done. I do plan to re-record the audio on the videos that use my voice (the adult voice) and work on the rest of the things on the list. If you purchase this package I will send you the updates when the become available.

With all of that said, this is a complete 5 week Bible study for children with a Minecraft theme. It should be fairly straight forward and I pray that God will use it to help your students connect with God.

If you want to see some of the journey it took to get here as well as some of the other ideas that have been posted check out the links below.

Rough Drafts of the Original Version I taught:

Faithcraft Week 1 Wise and Foolish Builders

Faithcraft Week 2 Nehemiah

Faithcraft Week 3 Naaman and Elisha

Faithcraft Week 4 hole in the roof


Faithcraft Main Screen

Faithcraft Week 2 Video

Faithcraft Intro Video

Faithcraft Week 1 Devotion 1 (It just became too hard to make these a workable product)

Faithcraft Nehemiah Video

Lego Stop Motion Ship

Other Updates:

Make Your Own Foam Party

Make Your Own Foam Party

Over the years I have come up with many different youth ideas. Most of them are epic, I mean, epic ideas, but when I start to think about all of the stuff that it takes to make them come to reality I realize that they probably aren’t the best use of my time.

At my current church we have Youth Vacation Bible school that is sort of designed around these epic moments, so I have gotten to play a little more than I used to. This year I decided to finally try something that had been in my head a long time and make a giant soap foam pit.

For the youth I made a game out of the pit throwing balls down under the soap that they had to dig around and fish out. For the kids (when we did it a month later) we simply filled up the pit and let them play.

The best thing about this soap foam pit idea is how easy it is to set up compared to how memorable and cool looking it is. So here is how you do it.

  • 1146635_591312060918829_1284194552_nSet up tables in a 16×16 foot square (2 8 foot tables to a side)
  • For the kids version I staked down an 8 foot piece of floor board that I had cut to about a foot and a half so that the kids had an easier way into and out of the pit.
  • Cover the pit with a tarp (see the pictures).
  • Fill the pit with just enough water to coat the bottom to at most half and inch. You can do more if you want, but that should be enough. The reason why you want to put water in the pit is that it keeps it looking like you have foam longer. These easy homemade foam machines don’t put out as much as a big professional one and the foam disappears as people play in it so a nice covering of water helps the foam to spread out, and it is fun to play in too.
  • If you are doing the pit on grass and don’t mind your tables getting wet you don’t actually have to buy the tarp. The bubbles will sort of stick around in the square. If you are doing it this way I would suggest thinking about making the square smaller or adding a 4th bubble machine because of the disappearing factor.
  • Set up at least 2 (and I would suggest 3) foam making machines like you see in the youtube video (see link below).
  • I don’t know who that kid is in the video, but I sure am glad he came up with the idea. Basically all you need are some bungee cords, a towel, a trash can, and a shop vac that blows, not just suck. (You would be amazed how few people have these that go both ways, btw.) We just made an announcement in the bulletin and asked to borrow them.
  • You will need to start making the foam about 30 minutes before you plan to use it. Any earlier and it will disappear, any later and you won’t get the full effect that you are looking for.
  • Be sure to keep all of your electrical connections above ground and dry. We used card tables to get our shop vacs and plugs of the ground.
  • You will need to keep filling up the trash cans with water and bubbles. You may want to experiment before the big event just to be sure you know the optimal levels of each, and and what it looks like when it runs out of one or the other.

The youth loved the idea and having the game and competition helped break down some of the hesitation they would have had for jumping in. For children of course it was a blast. The parents had a good time standing and watching and taking pictures.

We also made a small pool of bubbles for the very little guys. We used a air mattress pump, a bucket, and a dish towel to create a mini effect.

Youth Group Lesson Plan: Gross, Weird, True

Youth Group Lesson Plan: Gross, Weird, True

Download Gross, Weird, True Complete (ZIP)

Download Gross, Weird, True Non-Editable (ZIP) (Does not include Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign files)

Download Gross, Weird, True Lessons (PDF) 

Gross, Weird, True is a 4-week youth group Bible study that looks at some of the strange stories and commands in the Bible. It includes instructions on how to incorporate the 60-second games from NBC’s “Minute to Win It.” Included in this download is the complete leader guide; small groups discussion questions for each session; a screen quiz about strange things in the Bible; series art; promotional material; student handouts; a 60-second countdown timer; the original Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign files; and pretty much anything I could think of having to do with this study.

Session 1: Remove the Poop
Deuteronomy 23:12-4; 1 Peter 1:13-16
A look at one of the stranger rules of God from the old testament examining what it teaches us about God’s holiness.

Session 2: Death by Dishonor
Genesis 9:18-29; 2 Kings 2:23-24; Deuteronomy 21:18-20
Starting with the story of Noah naked in his tent and continuing through Elisha cursing youths with a bear to God’s promise in the 10 commandments this lesson takes a look at honoring your parents. 

Session 3: Strong Man’s Weakness
Judges 13-16
A look at some of the stranger events that took place in the life of Samson. This lesson is small group based with students answering questions and reporting back to the group. The overall focus of the lesson is to be controlled by God instead of by our emotions. 

Session 4: The Prophet/Prostitute Wedding 
Hosea 1-3
Is there anything stranger than God commanding Hosea to go and get an adulterous wife? This session wraps up our weird study with a reminder that God wants us to be holy and that he will go to great lengths to help us to become like Him.