I have a major decision to make

Nathan was watching a show today and for some reason he thought it was Star Wars. It was a cartoon that happened to be in a space for a moment so he sort of fixated on that. So that leads me to my decision. Well actually there are several decisions that need to be made that can all have a major impact on my son’s future.

1) Do I let him just keep believing that show was Star Wars or is it time to finally start his Lucasian education?

2) If I do start teaching him about Star Wars where should I begin?

3) Should I start with the Clone Wars cartoons which are very kid friendly, but are barely cannon at best and probably even out right heretical to most true Star Wars fans.

4) If I am starting with the movies (or at least movie scenes) should I start with them in numerical order or should I just act like those disastrous prequels never existed?

5) If I choose to ignore the prequals can I at least show the Yoda fight scene from Attack of the Clones because it is a fight that he will like?

6) Will the craziness of that fight warp his opinions (and ultimately dampen his enthusiasm for) the more traditional fights of Ben and Vader in “A New Hope”?

As you can see there are lots of decisions to be made, and let’s not even start talking whether he should read the books before he watches the LOTR or Harry Potter movies. Being a dad is hard sometimes.


It hurts me, really hurts me that my son thinks of Anakin Skywalker as a hero. His only real exposure to Star Wars has been through “The Clone Wars” cartoons so he has no reference for Storm Troopers as bad guys or Anakin Skywalker as the best villain of all times.

Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe when he finally watches the abominations that Lucas calls the first 3 Star Wars movies (which all of the rest of us call the prequels and would rather just forget) he will be deeply moved by Anakin’s decent to the dark side rather than just mildly annoyed at his acting skills