God is Faithful

God is Faithful

These three “stations” can be used to add creative content to a worship gathering without being the whole focus. These stations explore the idea of the faithfulness of God and are designed to fit into a larger worship time. You can download the instruction sheets for each station by clicking the .pdf links at the bottom of this post.

Materials Needed:

  • Journal Sheets
  • Pens
  • Art supplies
  • Large roll of paper on wall (optional)
  • river rocks
  • Instruction sheets for the other stations

The Set Up:

Set up the drawing station by putting a large sheet of paper up on the wall with the instructions and art supplies where they can be easily accessed. In the “touch” station place the river rocks and instructions. Pass out the journal sheets to everyone in the group. Point out the other stations around the room for those who wish to use them.  You may want to let worshipers know that they don’t need to finish the journaling sheets if they want to get engage in the other stations. We took about 8 minutes between songs (with soft music playing) in our worship set for students to work through a couple of these ideas.



Deuteronomy 32:4

God is faithful. We say that many times in churches, but what does it really mean? Use the material provided to draw your idea of God’s faithfulness. You can draw about a personal time when God came through for you, or you can draw something that represents God’s faithfulness to you.



John 21:25

If we are following God we will face many obstacles that are too big for us to overcome. In the wild there are many dangers that we simply cannot survive without God. But entering into such a dangerous life can be scary if we forget just how amazing God really is.

Use the space provided to come up with 30 words or phrases to describe God. You can use names of God, phrases you may know from the Bible, or anything that you feel describes God.

Once you get 30 look back at your list and think that everything that you wrote isn’t even a fraction of all that God really is. That is the God that is on our side.



Joshua 4:1-7

In the old testament God directed his people to build monuments as reminders of times when He was faithful. Are there any times in your life that God was real to you, or that God came through for you. Choose one of the stones from this pile (you can choose more if you have more than one event) and find a place to kneel and pray and thank God for his faithfulness. Be specific as your remember what God did and how he came through for you. Carry this stone with you as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Faithful Art .pdf

Faithful Journaling .pdf

Faithful Touch .pdf