Line Chaser

Line Chaser

Materials Needed:

  • One Line Chaserz Car (I found one at Toys-R-Us, but you check them out here)
  • Large Sheet of white paper (at least 5 feet long for the effect)
  • a dark black pen (the cars come with one)
  • If you buy these large Line Chaserz you will need 2 AAA batteries.

    How it works:

    • Draw a large oval track on your white paper. Experiment and make sure that the car will follow the line and stay on it for several loops.
    • As students enter have the car moving around the track. Make little comment about the car and begin your meeting as you normally do. Sing, make announcements, or whatever else you do at the beginning of your meeting.
    • Have students get into pairs, look up Genesis 12:1-4 and answer the following questions.
      • What were God’s instructions to Abram? Where did God tell him to Go?
      • Do you think you would be willing to leave your home to follow God without a destination? What would be the hardest part for you?
      • What was God’s promise to Abram?
    • Debrief their answers and then ask: How is Abraham like this car? Some Possible Responses: He follows a path like Abraham followed God’s path; He isn’t;
    • Say: God told Abraham to follow without any destination. This little car doesn’t see the destination it only checks to see that it is following the black line. It continually checks to make sure it is following the right path. Even without knowing where it is going it always stays on track because it is continually checking to make sure that it is still in line.

    • In the same way we should line our lives up with God everyday. Many times we forget that God sees a big picture that we can’t see. Just like this car and Abraham we should trust God to lead us on the right path at every turn.

    Other Possible Ideas:

    • Draw a path that travels between 2 points, but that turns many times along the way. It would be best if sometimes the car was traveling in the opposite direction of the end point.
    • Spiritual Points: We don’t always understand why God leads us the way that he does, but we need to trust him. Even though it seems like we are heading in the wrong direction some times when we choose to follow God’s path every day we will reach His goal.
    • When Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac he must have thought that he was heading in the absolute opposite direction of where he wanted to go. But actually he was still following God.
    • Sometimes the things that God asks us to do seem like they are counter to our best interests, but when we trust God and follow him at every turn he will never lead us astray.