What I Can Change

What I Can Change

I have recently gotten into reading Twitter in the morning. It isn’t a good place for me to be, for sure because after I read it I spend my whole shower trying to think of what I can shout into the void to stop the madness. It seems like Twitter has become an old school mob that is almost literally tarring and feathering people and then celebrating when they are run out of town. Into that void there are a few voices on both sides trying to speak calmly and have a real discourse, but most of the people are just trying to shout and shame anyone who has ever made a mistake or who doesn’t agree with you.

So I sit in the shower and try to figure out how I can help.

Today it hit me. I can’t help Twitter world. I can’t help internet outrage or the people who are fueled by it. I can’t stop people from destroying lives because of one video or from yelling instead of listening.

But there is something I can do.

What I can do is share Jesus with people, anytime, every time. What I can do is be the hands and feet of Jesus reaching out to people one life at a time. We have moved into this world of social media and everyone having a platform and I think I have forgotten than real changes don’t happen when you shot into a megaphone, they happen when you are willing to walk across the street to help your neighbor.

My epiphany this morning was to stop worrying about internet things and start worrying about right here beside me things. That is how God is calling me to make a difference.

Social Media Help for Parents

Social Media Help for Parents

I am working my way through a newsletter/seminar type thing for parents about social media and their teens (or actually pre-teens too). I use Facebook and Twitter some, but I am just not a social network guy for anything that restricts my word count. But I have been trying to dig through and pick up some helps for parents.

Let me tell you this whole social media world that teenagers live in is a rabbit hole of epic proportions. I was pretty creative when it came to doing nefarious things with the opposite sex when I was in high school, but 1) the tools that teenagers have now is staggering and 2) their ability to use them creatively to keep from being caught is pretty amazing.

Of course part of the problem from a parent perspective isn’t that their kids are trying to hide things it is the exact opposite teenagers are putting way too much of themselves out there and as such are opening up a whole new level of potential problems.

I keep thinking about me back in middle school. I was a big kid sort of goofy and not popular by any standard at all. In fact I was tormented for a while and generally ignored or lightly bullied for much of my teenage years. BUT I had a good home life and parents who loved me and a decent church (even with only a few students my age) and when I wasn’t at school I wasn’t around people who wanted to bully me. I could leave that world and enter into the world of parents and love and acceptance.

But these days the world that teenagers live in doesn’t have those defined boundaries. They are always sharing their lives and living in a world where everyone they know can “like” what they say, what they wear, and what they look like with just the touch of a button. Is it any wonder that teens are showing more skin online because that is a quick way to make sure that you are at least nominally “followed.”

Anyway, I have been digging through a bunch of stuff and trying to find where I am going with this and I am not quite there yet, but here are some cool things I have found online.

These first 3 are all connected:





Here are a couple of other good articles I found. Be sure to check out the Snapchat parents info. It is something that parents should, but probably didn’t read.




http://www.snapchat.com/static_files/parents.pdf (this is a PDF)