"to see their faces when they start to get it"

Those of us who teach or preach or lead understand this quote. It comes from the new NBC sitcom "Teachers." I think this is a big reason why I still am a youth pastor–the look on their faces when they start to get it.

I think by now you guys know I am a sitcom junkie, so I go into every new sitcom with a predisposition to liking it. I don’t know what it is about these 30 minute little stories, but they just make me smile. Teachers was good tonight because it did what every good sitcom should do.

  • It had likable characters that were more that stereotypes (at least a little more)
  • It didn’t work too hard to milk an easy laugh (the British girl caught in the door aside)
  • The dialog was good
  • It had a soft moment that wasn’t super cheesy

Now teachers didn’t do all of these things exactly right, but it got enough of them right to make me want to watch it again. I think it is the serious moments in a sitcom that make or break it. Ever since Seinfeld it seems like sitcoms have forgotten the importance of those moments. (Seinfeld worked without them, but it is a rare exception) It is cool to see shows bring those moments back in good ways. Scrubs and My Name is Earl do it very well. These shows manage to have more serious moments without feeling like "on a very special Blossom" serious (is it scary that I thought Blossom was hot by the way?)

Of course with all of these new sitcoms coming out–several of them without a laugh track and with more serious themes–I can’t help but wonder if Sports Night was just ahead of its time. (You didn’t think I was going to go through a whole post about sitcoms and not bring up the SN did you?) 

11 thoughts on ““Teachers”

  1. -B says:

    Just a few IMHO comments:

    1.) Teachers does appear to be a very well written and funny show.

    2.) The Office is way better. (Sorry, but I’d never even heard of Sports Night before you constantly writing about it.)

    3.) Six was way hotter than Blossom.

  2. lynn says:

    I also saw the show….and liked it.Mostly because the characters were real, not caractures. They were multi-dimensional…just like real people. And, suprise…as the viewer I didn’t have evryone figured out. They were each complex. I too thought sports night was a great show!

  3. Andy Crouch says:

    Enough with Sports Night! Get over it! "Moonlighting" was a decent show too, but I don’t sit around crying about it! ;-)

    -B, Six was definitely way hotter than Blossom…you gotta remember though, Shane always had a thing for girls with protruding probiscides. Think about it…don’t make me name names.

    Didn’t manage to see "Teachers" last night, I was too busy watching my Cards get obliterated in the NIT by South Carolina I guess.

    I wonder though….how many of these shows that Shane talks about is he going to be able to watch once little Shane Jr. comes along? I’m expecting a diaper-changing post in the near future…

  4. -B says:

    Like the Moonlighting reference, Mr. Crouch. After consulting Merriam-Webster Online to figure out what the heck proboscides (with 2 o’s) are, I still don’t have a clue who that would be, but don’t tell me just yet.

    As for the lack of sitcom watching in Dad’s near future, I guess soon we’ll have to start discussing the subtle differences between The Wiggles, Teletubbies, and Boohbahs. I’ll get a head start on that one. Boohbahs scare me to death.

  5. Andy Crouch says:

    I see the term spelled both ways….how about we just say "probiscuses"?

    I have no earthly idea what a Boohbah is; I don’t think I want to know, either.

    I believe Shane’s preferred protuding probiscus had a blue dot on it, if I remember correctly.

  6. -B says:

    Propiscuses it is, unless you want schnoz.

    If you’ve heard of a Teletubby, a Boohbah is uglier and less comprehinsible. Picture several Grimaces (the big purple thing from McDonald’s for you non-fast food junkies) of various colors, except with no mouths and furry on the bottom, that just make noises. Rather than trying to imagine it, just Google it…..scary, huh? Yeah, and that’s a kid’s show.

    Roger on the protrusion.

  7. The Average Youth Minister says:

    -B, I assume you are talking about Six on the show and not Sumer’s preteen friend that you always dreamed about.

    By the way, I have seen all of those shows, and I will take the Boobahs long before I take the Wiggles. Those men scare me. I mean they have a freaking pirate for heaven’s sake. How did they come up with this. "Hey let’s have a kids show!" "Alright, but I get to be a Pirate!"

  8. -B says:

    I am indeed referring to the Six on the show, and although I may have somewhat lusted ater the other one, it was not nearly as much as Sumer’s lanky ex-boyfriend did. I believe she is now like a doctor or something married to a dentist, or vice versa.

    In regards to the pirate, that would be Captain Feathersword, who carries, that’s right, a feather sword (which I would take into battle over Hrunting any day of the week). You probably just like the Boohbahs because they have the same sexy figure as you, right?

  9. The Average Youth Minister says:

    Wow, we have talked about Blossom, Sports Night, The Office, Boobahs, The Wiggles, and now Beowulf! That is deep theological dialog. And just for the record even though I think the Boobahs and I are related they freak me out too.

  10. Andy Crouch says:

    Captian Feathersword could perhaps be the best character on the show, but I admit, that’s not really saying much.

    I checked out the Boohbahs yesterday…their website is perhaps the most disturbing thing I’ve seen on the ‘net in quite a while. I highly suggest it for those of you who have Ezekiel 34:29 committed to memory…it’d be quite a trip.

  11. Chris says:

    Sports night was the best show ever! I think it was much too intelligent for the average viewer that’s why it was cancelled. I’m gonna cry now. Just when I thought I was over it.

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