Is there anything more wonderful and excruciatingly painful as working with teenagers. They are so full of life, so ready for new experiences that you can’t help but be excited when you spend time with them. At the same time trying to follow their moods, whims, and attitudes is just exhausting sometimes.

Tonight was a pretty good night for us. We had a large group of new people show up (mainly because of a boy) and one of our key leaders who has been out to be with her boyfriend brought him this week so we had a big crowd.

Of course that means that I had an activity planned that would work out better with a smaller group, but we pushed through and had some good, if ultimately shallow, discussion. Our quest to get students engaged with the text continued tonight and I think took another step forward. At least they are starting to realize that it is OK to be a part of the discussion. Now the next step is to get the discussion to go deeper.

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