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Alright as always I am bringing my problems to you my internet buddies. I have included the extent of our email conversation below. I will let you read and then I will ask my questions at the end.

"Could you please call me at your earliest convenience at the following number as soon as possible. I am a youth Pastor in Akron Ohio and need to discuss an urgent matter with you regarding your web site."


Name and Phone number withheld

What’s this urgent matter? I have to say that this feels like the beginning of a scam of some sort. I am sorry if that isn’t true, but my “this isn’t quite right” feelers are up. So give me some more info and I will see how I can help via email


Dear Shane:

I understand your hesitation but if you can, rest assured (in the Lord) this is not a scam.

I found your web site to be extremely helpful however ther may be some link situations regarding porn that you may not be aware of and please believe me, if your not aware, you need to be.

I gave you my cell#. If you want give me the church number and I can call you there.

Again, NOT a scam, you personally have done NOTHING wrong, but there is a situation that needs addressed from one Christian brother to another.


Alright Sorry, but again if we can fix this over email I would be much happier with the whole situation. Let me know what is up and I will see if there is any way to fix it, but I just don’t feel comfortable calling people that I don’t know. Maybe it is because I don’t want to be caught in a conversation that is uncomfortable for me or maybe because I like to be in control of most things (I don’t even like to call the phone company, but that is my own issue) but the cryptic nature of your messages is just putting me off a bit. So let me know all you can through email and we will go from there.


Dear Shane:

I do not have the time to accommodate your insecurities and control issues by typing in detail all that which needs to be told. My intent was to help you with something on your web site that I could only pray you were unaware of. However, due to your replies I now question your integrity.

What I am prepared to do now is contact your church and senior pastor. If that doesn’t get the results that’s needed I’ll contact your local news channels, send them copies of our correspondence and share the verbal detailed information I desired to discuss with you. I am sure "they" will not have any problem talking to me on the phone.

I’ll give you one more opportunity to contact me. If I don’t hear from you by telephone tonight or before 9:00am Tuesday, January 4th. 2005, I will contact those mentioned above. This is black and white, nothing cryptic about it.


Alright so I got a little snippy in this next reply, please don’t hold that against me.

That sounds good to me. If you will call Alan I won’t have to deal with talking to you myself. Please be assured that I don’t have any intentions about porn on my site, but there could be some comments that people have made that I have missed. I don’t know why you seem to be so worked up about this, but if I can help you by email please let me know.


Alright so am I just crazy for not calling this guy? I just have enough stress in my life to not get lectured by someone I don’t know over the phone. I know I got a little carried away with the last email, but I hate it when people start threatening to go to my boss.

Actually what happens more often is that people will tell me that I should get out of the ministry and go and talk to my pastor and repent. Most days I agree with them totally.

So what do you guys think about these emails? Those of you who know me know that I have real phone issues and you also know that I love God and generally try to follow what He says. I have been pouring over the web site today trying to figure out where the porn stuff is, but I can’t find it. Maybe it is something more subtle.

Anyway, if you see me on the news tomorrow night you will know that our mysterious emailer followed through on his threat. This whole “be honest with the struggles of ministry” thing that I have going on here is just about to not be worth it anymore.

5 thoughts on “Tell me what you think.

  1. shane, you don’t know me but i have to say that i too would have a hard time feeling good about this guy’s emails. i mean calling the “local news” how absurd is that? especially when this guy was supposedly trying to help you. i see that you have deleted his name but the tone of the letters smack of the anonymous letters that ministers receive every now and then.

    BTW, if you’ll send me his phone number i’ll call :) i love talking to fruitcakes. :)

  2. Melissa says:

    OH MY Goodness!!! For someone who does not want to go into detail over an email, this person certainly did not mind going overboard with his threats. You have done nothing wrong and you were justifiably “snippy” to a very rude person. If there was anything to worry about on your site and if this person really cared about fixing a problem, he would have been more forthcoming with a few details. Christian brother?!? Ha.

  3. Dennis says:

    You better keep us posted about this one. Sounds crazy to me. Unless there were blatant things, why wouldn’t he be able to tell you them on email?

  4. Bob says:

    Any updates on Psycho man? By the way, I am about 20 miles from Akron, I could verify a name if you needed me to?

  5. Ma'am says:

    Wow… that’s awesome. I have phone issues too. I text. I wouldn’t call him either. I’d get my mom too :) You can give her his number :) haha lol… I’d like to know if he read all of this. I look at this site a lot and have read a lot of the material. I’ve never seen any porn or anything inappropriate. I’d tell ya :) I might even tell your boss j/k You’re already going down for liking Harry Potter. :) TTYL!

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