Temptation Limbo Object Lesson

We are talking about taking a stand this month. Tonight’s lesson was taking a stand against temptation. We looked at 2 passages in Genesis where Joseph resists Potifer’s wife and in 1 Corinthians 10:12-13 where it talks about God providing a way out of temptation.

Long ago I heard a Louie Giglio sermon where he talked about how that way out of temptation is like a series of doors. If you are trying to keep from getting drunk then when you friend calls you on Tuesday and asks you to go to a bar on Saturday there is a pretty big door to resist that temptation, but if you don’t resist and keep getting closer and closer to what is tempting you then the door gets smaller and smaller.

Tonight I took that idea and applied it to limbo. I brought a couple of volunteers up to the front and had them limbo for a while. Then I talked about how at the beginning it is easy, but as it gets lower and lower it gets harder and harder. The same is true with resisting temptation. The problem is that most people see morality as a “how low can I go” without falling type thing. But that just leads to trouble. Resisting temptation is much easier if we decide to resit before it overwhelms us.



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