…for all of the Birthday wishes and such. I had a good day. I got a new video game from my wife and a Harry Potter birthday card. It was a photograph of all of the DA members who went into the Ministry of Magic so it had Luna on it. She was far and away the bright spot of movie 5. (My wife really understands me)

We had a children’s thing at the church and the Fire Department came to talk about fire safety. I took Nathan up to see the fire engine (because my wife doesn’t call it a truck for some reason). Anyway, we are standing there looking at it and Meredith walks up and Nathan looks at her then looks over her shoulder and says in this very quick almost whispered voice “Fire Engine”. 

We couldn’t get him to say it that clearly again, but it was very cool. He says many words like that when he sees something he likes (piano, ball, dog, blocks) but he will rarely say something when we ask. It is like he doesn’t really want to talk, but sometimes words just leap out of him.

And while we are talking about Nathan and what he can do. He knows where his ears and eyes are now. (We are still working on nose and mouth) 

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