The Beauty of the Finish Line

checkered-flags.jpgI take a deep sigh and feel the weight lift from my shoulders. I am finished with all of my LifeWay stuff. My final deadline is in the morning and I have spent a great big chunk of this weekend getting everything done. Now that I have written one of these units I know some things that will make this last weekend easier. I didn’t take very good notes during the writing process so I spent a good deal of time going back and opening old files to make sure that they lined up with the new stuff. But I think I am finally finished. I am putting it all up until in the morning when I hope to look at a couple of things with fresh eyes to find my typos, but that is all cosmetic stuff.

So don’t forget to get the LifeWay Life Focus Sunday school material (that is for All Youth) for the Winter Spring quarter of 2008. You will see my smiling face and get to read the fruits of my labor. On top of that I think you will find some really compelling youth lessons.  But right now my brain is fried so I am going to bed.

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