The Context of Our Lives

I could seriously write 2 posts a day about my plan to story chronologically through the Bible. I won’t do that because 1) you probably don’t want to hear it and 2) I would be plagiarizing a great deal of Michael Novelli’s book.

But I can’t resist talking about this idea. God’s story is the context for our lives. We often try to figure out how to fit God into our story, but it shouldn’t be that way. Our lives fit inside of God’s greater plan and we can never know what is going on unless we plug in to that greater story. God’s story gives us a purpose and also helps us to make sense of our own lives, but more than that, God’s story is just awe inspiring. God’s story drives us to our knees and to raise our hands in worship. God’s story gives us context, but it also is how we know him how we experience him how we fall in love with him.

With that said sometimes it takes a while for us to see how all of the stories fit. If you don’t read the last Harry Potter book you will never know why Snape kills Dumbledore or why Harry names his son Severius. There was always a bigger story than what you could see.

This is true even more so than with God. Think about Job. There is this grand story happening that he doesn’t get to see, but still he has the faith to believe that it is there.

So we need to embrace the story of God, not just a bunch of facts about God. We need the narrative of God’s action because it reveals more than just information it reveals God’s character and His heart.

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