The Deep Love of God

I found myself 2 nights ago asleep on the side of my son’s pack-in-play that we have converted into his beside our bed bassinet. I woke up with my arm asleep and hurting and my neck aching. But as soon as I woke up Nathan looked up at me with his big dark eyes and I didn’t move. I flexed my fingers a bit and rotated my neck, but I couldn’t stop looking at him. I was captivated by just the presence of him.

I have often taught about the progression of our relationship with God that is presented in the Bible. We begin as servants and then children and then friends and finally lovers. These are all progressions of choice. That at each of these God is showing that he is choosing us again, but they are not as I had previously argued a progression of His love. His deep, deep love is shown in the way that he calls us children. And I could never understand that until I stood on this side of the crib and looked at Nathan. 

God’s love for us is unlimited, it is boundless, it is infinite, and while I don’t have the scripture to back this up right now, sometimes I think he just has to stop and look at us and be captivated by who we are. The deep, deep love of God–I get it now.  

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