The First “Full” Day

Today we spent a little more time "parenting" and it was pretty cool. I do like having a back up nurse around to help with things when we need them, but Meredith and I did most of the stuff on our own. After the post circumcision day of sleep yesterday Nathan was down right playful today. He was much more awake and involved in the world. Of course that also means that he had more needs to meet, but right now he is like a new toy so those things are fun.

I am keeping a running count of the diapers that I chance because I know that soon Meredith will far outpace me so I want to take advantage of my advantage now. I also was initiated into the fraternity of parents of boys as Nathan peed on me while I was changing his diaper. The thing was we had been asked all day if he had peed yet so I was actually excited to it, but not excited to clean it up.

Check out the "Nathan’s Pics" photo gallery link in the navigation menu 

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