The Importance of Wednesday Nights

I have been debating all day about what to do with my regular Wednesday night lesson this week. There is a guy at our church doing a seminar about the “Word of Faith” movement. It is very informative and I think worth our time, but I don’t really know how many teenagers are spending their time listening to Benny Hinn so I don’t know how much they can really get from it. So I have been waffling on what we will do with our regular youth Wednesday night program.

I said all that to say this. I HATE not having our regular time. I think it is a control issue. I am always worried that someone is going to come in to church for the first time and instead of something that I have designed they are going to sit in on something that will be boring and not come back again. It hurts me to not be able to control the environment.

I also really have fun leading on Wednesday nights. This God Girls thing has been the high point of my year at church and I always love the singing time. There is a big possibility that I will be messing with baby next week, and even if I am not I have already made plans to have someone else teach. So I don’t get to teach then either.

I guess I am just very jealous of my Wednesday nights.


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