The Incredibles

So I hope everyone has seen The Incredibles already. It is a really great movie with some interesting themes. I have tried to decipher if there is some sort of other motive to the recurring idea: “if everyone is super then no one is super.” It is funny to see a movie for children that is going against the idea that we are all “special”.

Alright my favorite part and a small scene that you can use in your ministry is with the little boy outside of the house on the tricycle. He sees Mr. Incredible pick up his car and is amazed so he keeps coming back and waiting to see something else.

When he appears later in the movie Mr. Incredible asks him what he is doing and he says, “I’m waiting for something amazing.”

To a certain degree that is the essence of worship. It is our response to the amazingness of God. Of course worship isn’t only sitting and waiting for God it is also being involved and joining Him in His mission in this world, but sometimes like Blackaby says we need to just sit still and wait for the glory of God then join him.

When we are walking through the dry places of life it seems like we often chase after other things, things that can never satisfy us, and we try to feel right on the inside with a whole range of things that only make us feel worse. It is in those times that we need to be like this kid and just sit still where we know God is and wait for something amazing. Notice he wasn’t sitting at home waiting for the amazing stuff. He was in the presence of the one that he knew to be amazing. Sometimes we need to stop running around and trying to manufacture something and simply sit still and wait for God to show up and do those amazing things that he always seems to do.

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