The Intern Speaks

Tonight was the first of a month of Wednesday night lessons that my intern taught. I was so proud of him. He did great. Of course it was a little short, everyone’s first real sermon thing is short (it is a law or something) but it was good. Last night when we were going over his outline I remember thinking that he would actually run over time if we added a game in the middle. What I forgot was that I would run over time because I would add bits and pieces to the outline, but he is still figuring the adding bits part out.

This whole teaching someone to do what I do thing is pretty cool. It is neat to try to think about how I do some of the things that just come naturally. There are so many aspects of my job and dealing with teenagers that come from my 10 years as a youth minister. From time to time I forget that everyone doesn’t see what I see, and think what I think when I come to a situation or a sermon.

That reminds me of another thing. I am trying so hard to let my intern find his own voice. I don’t want to put my words in his mouth (although he has been learning from me for 5 years now so there is a good chance that he will sound a lot like). But like I have said a million times this whole experience has been very, very cool. I am having way to much fun.

(and just so my friends can make fun of me about it. We played Dart Wars at church tonight.) 

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