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To continue with the writer proposal stuff, I finally finished a book proposal to group and I just emailed it about 5 minutes ago. Here is the synopsis.


Too many times we try to present the church as a safe alternative for youth. Following God isn’t safe. To follow God we must go places that we have never been; we must choose adventures that are dangerous. As youth leaders we shouldn’t be trying to teach students to be safe, but rather we should be equipping them for God’s dangerous journey.

The Journey is a twelve week youth Bible study that walks students through the journey of God’s chosen people from Abraham to the Promise Land. Through interactive Bible study and experiential worship it challenges students to follow God on their own spiritual journey. The Journey is designed to show the struggles of God’s people as they tried to follow our Wild God who called them to do things that most people could never do. It uses the Bible stories to offer practical advice for today’s youth struggling with their own spiritual journey. The Journey isn’t about creating safe Christian teenagers; it is about opening their eyes to the wild life that God has to offer and showing them the first step on the path of God’s amazing journey.

The Journey Lesson Breakdown:

Week One: Abraham’s Call

Students will see that God calls us to follow him many times without revealing the destination. Students will be invited to follow God on His journey and will meditate on their choice to follow Him.

Week Two: Abraham’s Choice (Isaac)

Following God requires tough choices, sometimes choices that make no sense. Students will study how following God is like taking directions through a maze and will look at some tough choices in their own life about relationships and dreams.

Week Three: Joseph (God’s Big Picture)

Life rarely plays out the way we see it in our minds. This lesson helps students to take a “God’s big picture” perspective of their struggles. Students will work in groups to find the truth in this story and apply it to their lives.

Week Four: Facing Insecurities (The Burning Bush)

Most teenagers are crippled by insecurities. In this lesson students will deal with their insecurities head on. Through hands on activities they will ask God to help them let go of these excuses and choose God’s journey.

Week Five: The Exodus

Students will study the power God displayed as the Israelites left Egypt. They will create humorous dramas to illustrate the plagues and then look at how God’s demonstration of power can help them on their own journey.

Week Six: The Passover

This is a more serious look at the final plague. It takes a narrative look Passover night through the eyes of a firstborn son. Students will feel the relief of being spared and will be invited to have Jesus come and be the Passover sacrifice for their lives.

Week Seven: The Golden Calf

Students will be asked to look at what idols they have created in their own lives and examine how those idols are keeping them from God’s journey. They will be encouraged to stop chasing after these things and start following God.

Week Eight: You are God’s Tabernacle

Students will look at the Tabernacle and learn how it was God’s dwelling place on earth. They will then see how they are God’s dwelling place on earth and as such have the privilege of sharing Jesus with others.

Week Nine: The Tabernacle Worship

Students will experience the Tabernacle in a special night of worship. Worship stations will guide the students to what it means that God dwells with His people and their role in sharing God with others.

Week Ten: At the PromiseLand (Trusting God in the Face of Doubters)

Most people would rather carve out a life in the desert than trust God to lead them into the promise land. Students will look at the difference between desert living and promise land living and be invited to follow God.

Week Eleven: The Lord Provides even in the desert

Many students feel like God has abandoned them because of their past sins. This study takes a look at how God provides for His people even in their punishment and invites students to come to God for a clean slate through a prayer activity.

Week Twelve: Choose Life (Back at the promise land)

Week twelve looks at Moses’ final sermon to his people and how he encourages them to choose life. Students will be reminded of the journey that God has placed before them and of the alternative of following after other things. They will be asked like Moses asked his people to choose life.


So here was what I was thinking. I need all of my loyal youth pastor readers to email group and ask for a curriculum about the journey of the children of Israel and how that relates to our own spiritual journey. Wouldn’t that be funny of they got my email and the email of like the 2 people who read this on the same day? It may actually turn them off from my proposal, but that would be good for you internet guys. If I can’t find a publisher I plan on putting it up here on

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  • September 21, 2005 at 3:17 PM

    shane, i’d love to sell your stuff if you can’t get the big companies to do it. i can’t promise to make you much money, but i can get your stuff into the hands of youth ministers who otherwise whould see it.- jeremy waldennext gen publishing

  • September 21, 2005 at 3:30 PM

    I’ve gotta tell you Jeremy your site is very cool. I have some series that I think would fit well there. I will work on putting them together. For those of you youth pastors who haven’t yet be sure to check out


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