The Joy of Serving

My new church does lots of things right. One of them is their emphasis on reaching out into their community. Today was one of 3 “Labor for Your Neighbor” Sundays for the year. The idea is for Sunday school classes to get out into the community and do service projects. I went with the senior high youth class to a local assisted living facility for senior adults with varying degrees of memory loss.

Interacting with those senior adults was a truly rewarding experience for the residence (I am guessing) and for the students. But the big joy for me was getting a chance to get to know the students. Serving together is one of the greatest ways to tear down walls and strengthen relationships in a group.

Today I was reminded again of the simple joy that comes when serving God like this. I know that there is something special that happens when Christians help others, but from time to time I forget and it is nice to be reminded.

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